The journey is always best done together. Never learn alone. Learn together with other like-minded individuals like yourself. Upskill together!

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The learning journey is never a straight road. Use our unique path builder to create your learning journey and share with others.
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Complete learning adventures and win quests to gain status and experience to become a thought leader in your field as you build up your profile.
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Companies regularly scout on our platform to find talented individuals. Build up your profile and shout out yourself on our platform to get noticed.
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Complete learning adventures and win quests to gain status and experience to become a thought leader in your field as you build up your profile.

At Pathforge, We Empower:


Get inspired.
Learn new skills.
Make new connections.


Share expertise.
Earn money.
Give back.


Recruit raw talent.
Make an impact.
Make discoveries.

Feature Showcase

Some of the amazing features incorporated in to give you the best learning and collaborative experience!

Learn together in groups.

Learn together in online learning groups with individuals from all around the world. Form your own or join others. It's your choice.
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“It's amazing learning with a group. Self-teaching is incredibly lonely, messy & difficult.”

Tutorials can only bring you so far.

A one-stop platform where you can learn while building projects for employers. Showcase your skills through learning paths you have completed.

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“I never would've gotten this opportunity without Pathforge.”

Got stucked learning on your own?

Struggling to complete the projects or simply need help understanding a topic? Get connected with the mentor of your choice on our platform!

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“So many amazingly friendly mentors on board! I'm impressed.”
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Less time wasted, more growth

Here are some of the companies that are collaborating with us on making education accessible to all, while offering jobs or projects to be taken up by self-taught learners.


Here are some common quesstions we get asked all the time!

To create a new way of learning, one that doesn't cost you an arm or a leg, one that doesn't take more than a year, one that's entirely based on your own hard work, one that's inclusive of social elements, enhancing networking opportunities and learning collaborations.

We're an education startup, with the goal to make education free and accessible to all. There are a lot of mentors who would be happy to mentor you completely for free, some still prefer to charge and it's completely up to you whom you chose as your mentor!

Yes, they will be. Only you will have the permission to edit, or delete your created curriculums.

Of course. We host a wide range of friendly mentors from all over the world, ready to share their knowledge and impact users on Pathforge.

Yes, you are definitely welcomed to. Even if you're an individual without a company interested to explore certain project ideas, you can post it up here as well. Then just wait a little while for our users to get in touch with you!

The key users empowered from the platform will be focused on:

  1. Learners - Learn, Get matched to projects, Get jobs, request live mentorship with friendly, professional mentors.
  2. Employers - Anyone interested to share a project idea, will be able to get matched to learners to execute upon them for you.
  3. Mentors - Craft up the learning journey you took to achieve mastery in your craft, to help learners kickstart their learning journey! Earn a side income from being a mentor! 
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