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The Hacker Collective

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Full Stack Web Development

Become a full-stack developer with this adventure. We take you through the proper way of learning to become a true techie with our unique self-taught learning model to grow with you from Zero to Full Stack for less than 5% of what bootcamps are charging.

No frills, just the skills

Pathforge is an offshoot of The Hacker Collective coding camps started in 2019. We have since trained batches of young programmers adept in real-world skills at a fraction of the cost.

Modular lessonsEach lesson is a building block that can stand alone or merge into a whole chapter or a complete course.


Singular lessons that cover one or multiple topics

HTML Page Structure & Anatomy

In this section, we'll cover the whole range of HTML so you'll be completely comfortable with putting the right elements in the right places on a page.

2 Challenge(s)

Deric YeePosted 10/07/2020

Deploy & Scaling

In this Quest, we'll learn how to deploy our Bubble application and scaling it.

2 Challenge(s)

Pathforge AdminPosted 22/11/2021

Crypto Abbreviations

A shortened form of a word or phrase that you will usually used, spotted or read within the crypto-community, news or crypto traders. On this page, you will get to know the most...

2 Challenge(s)

chartsdworksPosted 30/03/2021


Questions to promote critical thinking and test comprehension

Morse Code Decoder

Your task is to implement a function that would take the Morse code as input and return a decoded human-readable string!


Uzair ZahariPosted 12/10/2021

Tic Tac Toe

Create your own tic tac toe game using Vue.js!


KaizPosted 16/09/2021

Dashboard Design With Figma

Design a dashboard frame using Figma plugins


Izzatul MaharoofPosted 19/08/2021

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Pathforge provides a culture and platform for group learning that would increase interactivity and ultimately improve retention.

How to learn as a team in Pathforge

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Enroll in an adventure

Team learning is available to learners enrolling in a complete course adventure.

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Each team is dedicated to a single adventure. Team members are therefore learning and discussing the same subject.

Start interacting

Visit your team page and start interacting with fellow members. You can see their postings and learning progression.

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Post a question

You can post a question if you’re stuck or uncertain about a certain topic.

Join a study session

Members can create an event such as a study session and invite others.

Chat with a member

You can communicate directly with a member to exchange ideas or solve a question.

Get the motivation you need in team dynamics

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I’ve learned a lot about web development at Pathforge and it definitely improved my skillsets at work.

Software Developer, Pathforge User

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Mentors are members guiding others to become better at particular skills. You can become a mentor and teach team members who are learning an adventure.

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Teach what you have learned and give back to the community. Create a simple lesson or a complete course.

How to create your own lesson

You can communicate with people who are learning the same thing as you. Here's how:

Choose lesson type

If you are a first-timer, choose to create a Quest, Journey, Challenge or Adventure.

Edit your lesson

Start adding content into your lesson. You can include videos and images to make the learning more interactive.

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Share your lesson with team members and if you created an Adventure you can choose to charge an enrollment fee.

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Pathforge allows learners to share links of online resources such as articles, tutorials, and videos with others.

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